Annie’s Solitude


(An Excerpt from the last Scene. Annie’s sister, Jessie is
leaving the community to secure employment elsewhere.)

JESSIE:     You were always the stronger sister.  I could not leave you otherwise.

ANNIE:     Go!

JESSIE:     I will.

                              (JESSIE kisses ANNIE and exits)

ANNIE:     I wonder sometimes if I will ever look back to this as a happy time.


                  Well no matter.  No one can change the past, but they can pick and choose the parts they want to relive.

(ANNIE writes)

                  Dearest Mother:

Since leaving Nova Scotia, my dilemma has been,
How can I let go of yesterday
So that I can be part of tomorrow?
And now I think I have, because
The past we carry in us.
It lives on in the minds of all who knew it:
In the hollow husk of a cedar fence post
Strangled by page wire
That marked hope for the future;
In the curbing that outlives the old well
Where the butter and cream were hung
And bloated bodies of drowned mice
To be recovered by a lowered pail.
Real and tangible things;
None of which could have value
Or meaning for anyone else,
Except as clues
Stumbled upon by people
Curious to connect the past with the future.

I will honour ancestral memories,
Preserve their essence,
Become their voice and spirit,
Move forward
And they will be my strength forever.

                              (The tableau dissolves.  Music out)

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