Your Loving, Kind and True, Jack Boy

ACT ONE, Scene Two

Evening the same day.  ACTORS are impatient for MORAG to make an appearance.  MAGI keeps watch from a perch on the CL lounge, GILBERT sets up the bar UR, and AGNES fiddles with a boom box. HUGH enters from the UR entrance with a couple of cases of beer as LUBA enters from the kitchen.  JOCK dogs her steps toting what appears to be a blood-stained valise.  LUBA checks her watch, and after a noisy head count, she switches off the light.

An apparition in 1918 dress appears in the moonlight at the top of the stairwell.  ACTORS titter and exchange amused glances when they recognise MORAG, the director.  MORAG/Elizabeth reads from a faded blue letter.

     Dear Mr. Routledge:
     As you know, my sister came out to Canada to her husband Mr. John Wilson in April of last year (1918) for it was in your very office that they met.  We had letters from her every mail up till the end of September, when Mr. Wilson got a promotion under the Dominion Police and was sent to Saskatoon.  Since going there we have never received a letter from my sister.  Wilson wrote my brother James on the 14th December saying they had both been dangerously ill with the flu, and that my sister was better, but that he had not many months to live; however, as soon as his wife was able to travel, he would bring her home to Father and Mother, as he wanted to see his children before the end.

     (MORAG/Elizabeth descends)

     About the middle of January, Father received a cable saying that they were both much better and were sailing for Scotland the following month.  Then a week later, by brother received a second cable saying John and Polly were sailing in a fortnight and would he wire £100?  Since that time, we have received no additional news at all.  Would you be so kind, Mr. Routledge, to enquire or cause enquiries to be made in Saskatoon, and could you get the information from another source than Wilson, as we would have no faith now in anything he tells us about my sister.
Elizabeth Craig

     (LUBA switches on the light.  ACTORS applaud.)

JOCK:          Stunning entrance!
GILBERT:  A tour de force, dear Morag.
MORAG:     Thank you, darling.

     (GILBERT kisses her hand.)

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