Playwriting Workshop Presentations

 Write . . . write . . . and then, write some more.  After the material feels ready for a re-write, do an internal examination of the patient, using one of the following playwriting workshop techniques to shape and secure your content:

  1.  The Day Book Approach
    The careful planning method , based on Aristotle’s Poetics

                       New: Available May 2011

 2.   Four Ways To Improve Your Reading

 New Material: Available May 2011

 3.   Page to Sage Workshop;  Five Step Method

 Presented at the Shuswap International Writers’ Festival May 2005

 4.    Playwriting 101:  4 week introductory course

 Sponsored by Okanagan College and Shuswap Theatre; March 2006

 5.   Improvising a Full Length Script: Spontaneity versus Structure.

 Presented at Shuswap International Writers’ Festival; May 2008

  All workshops are ready for oral or digital presentation.


9th WOMEN PLAYWRIGHTS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, August 15-21, 2012

Here are 2 websites to check:

WPI – – here you can get your membership if you are not already a part of WPI.

WPIC 2012 – – more information on the conference and how to submit your play.

This is an excellent challenge! 

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